Oliver Knot Livebearer Salt 300g

Oliver Knot Livebearer Salt 300g

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High quality salt that is perfect first line of defence against fungal, bacterial and parasitic attacks on your livebearers.

Harvested through advanced solar evaporation techniques from
the waters of the world famous Australian Great Barrier Reef, this
aquarium salt is like no other in the world.

Oliver Knott Live Bearer Aquarium Salt contains essential
electrolytes and is mineral rich in calcium, magnesium and iron
which can help improve water quality by removing ions and
replacing lost trace elements during water changes.

Use 80g (~5 tablespoon) for each 200L (50 US gallons).
Use when setting up an aquarium and when making water
It is best practice to first dissolve the salt in a small amount of
freshwater before use. Only use salt during a water change,
not when replacing evaporated water.

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