Low/Mid grade Cherry Shrimp
Low/Mid grade Cherry Shrimp
Load image into Gallery viewer, Low/Mid grade Cherry Shrimp
Load image into Gallery viewer, Low/Mid grade Cherry Shrimp

Low/Mid grade Cherry Shrimp

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Cherry Shrimp are a great starting point for keeping shrimp. They do not require a heater and won’t do well in a hot tank over 29-30 degrees which is likely to kill them.

These “low-mid grade shrimp” are still healthy and only culls from high grade shrimp so will still breed bright red Cherry shrimp. 

Q:How many do you need to start a colony?

A:10 Cherry shrimp should be more than enough to start a successful colony.

Q:Will my fish eat the shrimp?

A:As a general rule if it can fit in a fishes mouth it’s food.

Q:There is a white skeleton in my tank is my shrimp dead?

A:No shrimp malts are common and that is the shrimp growing leave the malts in the tank for the shrimp to eat. Dead shrimp usually turn pink like a cooked prawn.

Q:Do my shrimp need a filter?

A:No they don’t but it always helps. You can have shrimp in a bowl without a filter.

Dead In Arrival Policy (DOA) 

- Photo of the fish in the UNOPENED bag (video preferably)

A refund on the fish only will be given. 

Once the fish are out of the bag no guarantee can be given.


Float the UNOPENED bag for 10mins then pure the bag into a a net and add to your aquarium ensure that bag water is not added to your tank to minimise issues. 

When stressed fishes immunity is likely to be weakened and they are more susceptible to disease as well as releasing stress hormones into the bag water so avoid adding it to your aquarium even if it is a quarantine aquarium. 

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