Hygrophilla Compacta

Hygrophilla Compacta

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Lighting Requirements: 4-6 hours (recommended)

Care Level: Low Maintenance Plant

Co2: Not required 

Fertiliser: benefits from liquid fertiliser but not necessary

Potential Problems:African cichlids may eat the leave

Hygro compacta plants are one of the best beginner plants they are a great way to bring some bright green colour and life to your aquarium while still being an easy to grow plant.

Perfect midground  plants as they grow stout compared to most stem plants.

Native to tropical South-East Asia, is popular as a background plant where its large green foliage makes a dense wall of colour. It is not a particularly fussy plant, and provided with a reasonable amount of light will establish itself in an aquarium without much difficulty.

Turtles and herbivorous fish species enjoy this plant as a regular snack.

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