Anubias Nana
Anubias Nana
Anubias Nana
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Anubias Nana

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Lighting Requirements: 4-6 hours (recommended)

Care Level: Low Maintenance Plant/ easy to grow

Co2: Not required 

Potential Problems: Can rot if planted in substrate 

Anubias is the perfect beginner plant from nano aquarium to huge display tank. This very adaptable and beautiful plant will tolerate a wide range of water conditions and is perfect for any tank with low light.

This plant will/ can be attached to aquarium decor to create something interesting in the aquarium. Anubias can be planted into a substrate but should not have the rhizome buried this will cause the plant to rot and die.

Anubias is a hardy plant that can go in an African cichlid tank.

Customer Reviews

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Mick Angeles

Already reviewed my order but…
Plants arrived in excellent condition and are thriving in my fish tank. Will definitely use your services again.


Beautiful healthy plants, lots of leaves, individually packaged. There was absolutely no damage to these plants when they arrived and they arrived quickly- literally a day after they were posted.


Quality product

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